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Product category:    FOS-55%   FOS-95%
Product presentation:

Fructo-oligosaccharide is a kind of probiotics hyperplasia that cant be digested and absorpted by human body, directly get to the large intestine and accelerate the proliferation agent of bifidobacterium. It's also known as the "bifidogenic factors".

In 2009, according to the 11th announcement, the Ministry of Public Health of China authorized FOS as nutrition enhancer and in 2012 the 6th nouncement authorized the FOS that derived from sugarcane can be regared as the supplemented nutrition enhancer.

In Japan, permit FOS as specific health food.

In Ameican, the FDA confirmed FOS as a food ingredients that is well accepted with the safe level of GRAS.

Product function and application:

FOS can promote the increment of bifidobacterium  ,prevent geting inflamed, improve bowel function, enhance immunity and disease resistance, reduce the incidence of oral cavity ulcer, promote the absorption of minerals in human body, prevent constipation, prevent tooth decay, hairdressing, reduce blood fat, etc.

As functional factor,FOS can be applied to the dairy products, beverage, candy, pastry, livestock products, meat and aquatic products. In addition, FOS is good choice for diabetics.

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