Bopp/pp/paper laminated bag
                  PP woven bag & Fabric
                  Paper bag
                  FIBC(Bulk Bag, Jumbo Bag)
                  Mesh bag/Raschel bag
                  PE bag
                  Other Package Items
                  Industrial & Fine Chemicals
                     Emkarate POE oil
                  API & Intermediates
                  Reagent & Supplies
                  Custom Chemicals
                  Auto, Motorcycle Parts
                  Activity Tracker
                  Ceramic electrode
                  Water Treatment
Baffle Bag


Design Features
The highly sought after baffled design provides a square shaped appearance. This permits the ability to stack FIBCs to save valuable floor space as well as increase the loading capacity of each bag. Baffled bags come in both U-Panel and 4-Panel designs. Custom FIBCs are available upon request.

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