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Nw-1 Oil Soluble Plugging Agent
Product Name: Nw-1 Oil Soluble Plugging Agent
Description: Nw-1 Oil Soluble Plugging Agent is a light yellow powder, which is a kind of bridging and plugging material with high stiffness and strength, suitable particle size distribution and obvious effect of leak prevention and plugging, made of special natural polymer through specific process.
Application: The product can be widely used to formulate drilling fluids, completion fluids, workover fluids, compression fluids and other operating fluids and bridging and plugging materials to protect oil formations.
Function:1,It can form a strong bedding layer on the well wall of microfracture formation of sand shale and mud shale, improve the strength of well wall and reduce the permeability of mud cake.
2,Reduce the leakage of drilling fluid to the oil layer and protect the oil and gas layer.
3,After temporarily blocking the oil layer, it is easy to dissolve and unblock when it meets oil.
4,When it is used with other plugging agents, the effect is better.
5,Good compatibility with other treatment agents.

6,Non-toxic, does not pollute the environment.





Light yellow powder

Purity %


Dispersibility in water

Disperse in water to form a light yellow suspension

Oil solubility %




Softening point


Water loss permeability reduction rate (filtration loss rate)


Pressure-bearing capacity


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